Schedule A Back-To-School Checkup For Your Child

In just a few days, your children will be returning to school, which means there is still a lot to do to prepare, such as shopping for new clothes and supplies. However, we hope you don’t forget their smiles! We would love to see you and your family before school starts and schedules become a lot busier. With a back-to-school visit, we can help kids in Tucson, AZ, enjoy healthier smiles.


Stopping Cavities With Natural-Looking Dental Fillings

In our last blog, we took a look at how we create and place crowns in one visit. But what if you have a cavity, one that doesn’t need a full crown? Well, we can still offer our Tucson, AZ, patients tooth repair in one visit with our natural-looking and metal-free dental fillings. Find out how we place these restorations and safeguard smiles, all in a single visit.


FAQs About Our Same Day Dental Crowns

Between work and family obligations, few of us have any time in our schedules to spare. So, when a tooth becomes damaged, or develops serious decay, a dental crown that requires two to three visits to place can throw a serious wrench in things. Fortunately, to avoid piling onto your overly hectic schedule, we can create and place a crown in a single visit for our Tucson, AZ, patients.


Does Your Family Need A Checkup?

When was the last time your family (you included) had a dental checkup? The American Dental Association recommends an exam once every six months, and we agree completely. But what makes a checkup so important for keeping smile of all ages healthy and bright? In today’s blog, we’re looking at what happens during a checkup and why you should see your Tucson, AZ, dentist twice a year.


What’s Different About Dental Implants?

Rebuilding a smile that’s lost one or more teeth is easier these days than it’s ever been. Modern bridges and dentures are made with highly lifelike materials that closely mimic your healthy, natural teeth. Advanced technology makes designing your prosthesis a more precise and comfortable process. However, at our Tucson, AZ, dental office, we may also recommend replacing your lifelike prosthesis on one or more dental implants, which are designed to mimic and replace your lost teeth roots. The difference that dental implants make can have long-lasting benefits for both your replacement teeth and the rest of your oral health. (more…)