What Your Dentist Warns About Tooth Loss

As one of the more serious and impactful dental health conditions, tooth loss is something that most people want to avoid even without any warnings about it. For most people, the main worries are how their smiles will look and how their bite’s will function – two issues that can often be successfully addressed with a custom-designed dental bridge or denture. However, the other worries about tooth loss, which stem from the loss of your tooth’s root, can have an even more significant impact on your long-term oral health than you may realize. (more…)

Does Your Dental Emergency Call for Tooth Extraction?

When you have a dental emergency, the most important thing to do is call your dentist and schedule a visit as soon as possible. In many cases, quick treatment can help you address the problem and save your tooth (or teeth). However, the most important reason for seeking emergency treatment is to avoid more extensive damage to your teeth and oral tissues. To that end, some situations may require your dentist to extract your tooth to stop it from leading to more complicated issues. (more…)

The Fastest Way to Restore a Tooth

When your tooth becomes worn down, damaged, or severely decayed, a dental crown is often the most comprehensive way to restore the tooth’s strength and integrity, as well as reestablish your bite’s function. For many patients, the crown is also essential to preventing further tooth damage and avoiding the need for more extensive restoration, or tooth extraction. To help improve your chances of saving your tooth, we offer custom-designed same-day crowns that we can create and place all during a single visit. (more…)

Why Dentists Usually Prefer Tooth-Colored Fillings

Nearly everyone experiences a cavity at some point in their lives, but not every cavity treatment is the same. Depending on the extent of your tooth decay and how long it’s been left untreated, a cavity is best addressed with customized treatment designed specifically for your dental concerns. In many cases, however, a cavity can be effectively restored with a tooth-colored filling, which dentists often prefer over more conventional metal amalgam ones thanks to their many immediate and long-term benefits. (more…)

What Are the Actual Benefits of Invisalign® Treatment?

When it comes to making sure that your smile stays healthy and beautiful, the most common concern is making sure your teeth are clean and free of plaque and tartar. However, there are more things that can influence your oral health than just oral bacteria, and malocclusion (or crooked teeth) is one of the more serious ones. For older teen and adult patients who wish for a straighter smile but also wish they could avoid having to wear metal braces, Invisalign® may be their most beneficial option. (more…)

How Lasers Make Gum Contouring Better

Today’s cosmetic dentistry offers an appropriate, customizable solution to any issue you may have with your smile’s appearance. While most treatments focus on improving the health and appearance of your teeth, gum contouring focuses on the frame around them – your gum line. Some patients may experience what’s known as a gummy smile, or excessive gum tissues covering some of their tooth structure. The visual impact is often an asymmetrical gum line, which can make your entire smile seem uneven. Fortunately gum contouring can improve it, and with the help of lasers, your procedure will be more comfortable and precise than ever before. (more…)

Why Didn’t I Realize I Have TMJ Disorder?

When you keep a close eye on your dental health, you may not be too surprised when something pops up. For instance, a sensitive tooth might have warned you of growing tooth decay before your dentist confirmed it. However, with TMJ disorder, symptoms aren’t always so obviously connected to your oral health. The jaw dysfunction is best known for the discomfort and popping sensations in your jaw. Yet, patients can also experience a wide range of symptoms, like earaches and chronic migraines, that seemingly have no explanation until their dentists diagnose them with TMJ disorder. If you have one or more aches and you aren’t sure why, then you might be surprised to learn that they’re thanks to the jaw dysfunction. (more…)