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Smile Extra Proudly Through Restorative Dentistry: Part Two

Who wants to sacrifice her smile’s beauty in order to restore her oral health? No one wants restorative dentistry to come at the expense of being able to smile confidently. Fortunately, modern dentistry provides a number of alternatives to traditional, noticeable metal fillings and dental crowns. In some cases these can even be more comfortable… Read more »

Smile Extra Proudly Through Restorative Dentistry: Part One

What’s even better than buying a brand new car? For many people it is the joy of restoring a vintage classic. The same is true for houses, furniture, instruments and more. Few things are as beautiful or meaningful as something lovingly restored. And that is certainly the case for your smile, as well. After a… Read more »

Water and What It Can Do for Your Smile

You probably already know that drinking plenty of water can be beneficial to your body, but did you know that staying properly hydrated is also essential to maintaining a healthy smile? In fact, a hydrated mouth helps you naturally fight plaque buildup, which is the culprit behind cavities, can lead to gum disease, and many… Read more »

Need to Complete Your Smile? Prosthetic Dentistry Can Help

Do you need a replacement tooth after tooth loss or extraction? Or, are you tired of making do with a prosthetic that no longer fits well, or functions as it should? If so, modern prosthetic dentistry offers wonderful solutions for completing your smile both beautifully and comfortably. And with proper dental care, some of these… Read more »

Shine Those Boots for This Year’s Tucson Rodeo

Cowboys and cowgirls, it’s time to shine up those boots! The Tucson Rodeo kicks off this Saturday, February 20, 2016 and runs through Sunday, February 28. This year’s events will include everything from barn dances to photography workshops, mutton busting to barrel racing. You won’t want to miss this chance to have a boot scootin’… Read more »

Straighten Up Your Smile with Invisalign Orthodontics

For years, people with uneven or misaligned teeth had only two options, to live with smiles they wish would function or look better, or to spend years in unsightly and often uncomfortable metal braces. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Now patients wishing for straighter smiles have a third option, and a wonderful alternative… Read more »

Smile Lighter and Brighter with Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you wish your smile shone just a bit brighter? Maybe you’re tired of trying to hide your smile when out with friends, all because of imperfections with your teeth. Lots of people are born with less-than-ideal smiles, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. If you want a brighter or better… Read more »