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Looking For A Brilliant Summer Smile?

Have you planned a big trip for the summer, or a small outing with friends or family? If you want a brighter smile before your next big summer gathering, then talk to our team about our professional cosmetic options. We offer Tucson, AZ, residents an in-office option that brightens smiles in one visit, or a… Read more »

Invisible Orthodontics With Invisalign®

Metal braces are far from invisible, which is why many teens and adults are hesitant to address their misalignment. We don’t want concerns about appearance to stand between our Tucson, AZ, patients and a healthier smile, so we offer an invisible option. Invisalign® corrects uneven smiles with a series of barely visible aligners, helping people… Read more »

The Esthetic Benefits Of Bonding And Contouring

Our approach to cosmetic dentistry helps patients enjoy healthier smiles and brighter, stronger teeth. With our bonding and contouring procedure, we offer a means of repairing smiles in just one visit. Let’s look at the benefits of bonding and contouring, and why we may prescribe these treatment options for patients in Tucson, AZ.

Will Veneers Improve My Smile In One Visit?

  Porcelain veneers offer patients in Tucson, AZ, a chance to enjoy a stunning new smile, correcting a wide array of common cosmetic concerns. In addition, this can all be accomplished in just one visit using advanced technology. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how we create veneers and transform smiles quickly. We’re also talking… Read more »

Should I Try In-Office Or At-Home Teeth Whitening?

If you want a brighter smile, then you should see your Tucson, AZ, dentist about our professional teeth whitening systems. We have two different options to address stains and help people enjoy a much brighter smile. What’s the difference between our home-based and in-office procedures? When should patients talk to their dentist about teeth whitening?

5 Cosmetic Procedures To Improve Your Smile

Do you ever look at your smile in the mirror and wish your teeth could be brighter, or your smile could be more even? We understand, and offer residents of Tucson, AZ, a host of cosmetic treatments designed to address common esthetic issues, such as discoloration or even misalignment. Let’s look at five cosmetic procedures… Read more »

How Do Clear Aligners Correct Misalignment?

When people talk to us about their crooked or crowded teeth, many assume metal braces are the only option for correcting their smile. However, we have a cosmetic alternative to correct alignment. Invisalign® employs clear plastic aligners to correct the smile and offer a number of benefits for patients in Tucson, AZ.