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Safeguarding Smiles With Periodontal Therapy

Did you know that poor gum health could mean the onset of a serious disease and for some, an increased risk of adult tooth loss? In order to help our Tucson, AZ, patients enjoy optimal oral health, we may recommend periodontal therapy to protect smiles from gingivitis and gum disease. How do we safeguard smiles… Read more »

Does Your Family Need A Checkup?

When was the last time your family (you included) had a dental checkup? The American Dental Association recommends an exam once every six months, and we agree completely. But what makes a checkup so important for keeping smile of all ages healthy and bright? In today’s blog, we’re looking at what happens during a checkup… Read more »

Schedule A Checkup And Cleaning For Your Family

Have you and your family had your smile examined and cleaned by your Tucson, AZ, dentist recently? These preventive treatments are crucial, even if you brush and floss daily. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a closer look at our routine exams and dental cleanings, to help you understand why they’re necessary to ensure… Read more »

What Your Toothache Could Be Trying To Tell You

Does your tooth hurt? Multiple factors could cause pain to develop in a tooth, but the cause may often be related to oral health troubles. You should never ignore a toothache and instead, should contact your Tucson, AZ, dentist. By addressing the issue early, we can prevent complications and protect the health and beauty of… Read more »

The Dangers Of Sugary Christmas Treats

Now that the Christmas holiday has come and gone, you’re probably left with plenty of leftover sugary snacks. From Christmas cookies to pie, these delicious treats could end up putting your smile in danger. Let’s talk abut what our Tucson, AZ, patients can do to avoid tooth decay after the holidays!

Enjoy A Healthy Smile Over Thanksgiving Break

Will you be traveling for Thanksgiving or having family visit your home? Either way, we’re sure you have a wonderful meal planned with all of your holiday favorites. Unfortunately, some of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes tend to be high in sugar and other starches, making cavities more likely. However, there are steps our Tucson, AZ,… Read more »

3 Easy Ways to Prevent Cavities

Cavities are the culmination of a few different things. For instance, if you have poor hygiene practices, then oral bacteria can accumulate more than usual on your teeth. If you snack often or indulge in sugar-rich snacks and beverages, then you give those bacteria what they need to produce tooth-eroding acids. Because there are several… Read more »