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Stopping Cavities With Natural-Looking Dental Fillings

In our last blog, we took a look at how we create and place crowns in one visit. But what if you have a cavity, one that doesn’t need a full crown? Well, we can still offer our Tucson, AZ, patients tooth repair in one visit with our natural-looking and metal-free dental fillings. Find out… Read more »

FAQs About Our Same Day Dental Crowns

Between work and family obligations, few of us have any time in our schedules to spare. So, when a tooth becomes damaged, or develops serious decay, a dental crown that requires two to three visits to place can throw a serious wrench in things. Fortunately, to avoid piling onto your overly hectic schedule, we can… Read more »

Repairing Your Chipped Tooth In One Day

During the summer we tend to be more active, enjoying the warm weather, playing sports, or just heading outdoors to hike. However, while being active is good for our overall wellbeing, sometimes sports and other activities could lead to a chipped or cracked tooth. Fortunately, for residents of Tucson, AZ, we can often repair damage… Read more »

Same Day Tooth Repair

If you crack a tooth, or if one becomes broken or chipped, we may be able to help in the same day. With our single-visit dental restorations, we can repair an array of serious problems in just one sitting. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how we offer same day tooth repair for… Read more »

When Is Extracting a Tooth Better than Restoring It?

In most cases, restoring and preserving a healthy, natural tooth is better than losing it. However, if a tooth is beyond saving, or you’ve had it restored before and it has once again become compromised, then extracting it may be the best option for your smile. At our Tucson, AZ, dental office, we may suggest… Read more »

The 3 Biggest Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

The thing about cavities is that nearly anyone can develop one at any point in their lives, even when they’re usually strict about practicing good dental hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly. However, sticking to a good preventive dental care routine means that you’re less likely to develop one, or to need extensive treatment if… Read more »

What Makes Dental Implants Great For Tooth Replacement?

When we see a patient with a missing tooth, we may recommend implant dentistry. We want to help our Tucson, AZ, patients enjoy healthy smiles, offering replacement options that last for decades with proper care and attention. What makes dental implants so great for missing tooth replacement? When should you talk to your dentist about… Read more »