Quiz: How Does A Dental Bridge Replace Missing Teeth?

Losing a tooth may not seem like that big of a deal to some, but tooth loss can have a number of serious impacts on the health of your smile. For those with minor tooth loss, such as between one to three lost teeth in a row, we can help with a dental prosthetic. In today’s blog, we’re talking about the benefits of dental bridges for patients in Tucson, AZ.


Clarifying a Few Things About Tooth Extraction

Not everyone needs tooth extraction, and therefore, it isn’t as popular and well-known as other restorative treatment options. Therefore, when many patients in Tucson, AZ, are told that they need tooth extraction, they may fear the procedure simply because they don’t know enough about it. The truth, though, is that extracting a tooth can sometimes be a much better option that trying to restore it. In such cases, your dentist will first thoroughly examine your tooth and oral health to determine that tooth extraction is the best option and whether or not you should plan on replacing it right after. (more…)

Deciding On The Whitening Treatment That Best Suits You

The right cosmetic dental treatment is the one that makes corrections to the concerns that affect you. With that said, there are other considerations to make – for instance, how easily will the right treatment fit into your schedule? Many people who want to make changes to their smile are focused on making their teeth brighter by fighting stubborn stains. Your Tucson, AZ dentist’s office can provide a professional whitening treatment that leads to great improvement if stains currently affect the way your teeth look. You can arrange for a treatment in the office, or you can take home a treatment kit and whiten your teeth on your own time. Both of these options can lead to you flashing a bright, lovely smile!  (more…)

How Do You Create Same Day Crowns?

If you have a damaged tooth or advanced tooth decay, then you may need a restoration. At one time, this meant requiring between two and three visits, as well as an interim period of wearing a temporary restoration. Now, we can use advanced technology to offer Tucson, AZ patients same day dental crowns!


Answering Questions About Laser Gum Contouring

The point of cosmetic dentistry is to improve your smile’s appearance, and in many cases, that simply involves correcting one or more issues with your tooth structure. However, sometimes, your smile’s appearance is affected more by the alignment of your gum tissues than the look of your teeth. Often known as a gummy smile, an uneven gum line can be caused by several different factors. For patients in Tucson, AZ, though, it can often be corrected simply, comfortably, and with optimal results thanks to advanced laser gum contouring. (more…)