Bonding & Contouring


The beauty of your smile relies on a variety of factors, including uniformity and symmetry. Suffering from minor imperfections like small chips, spaces, or uneven tooth length can dramatically impact your appearance. By taking away or building up extremely small amounts of tooth tissue, we may reshape individual teeth with bonding and contouring for a comprehensive improvement.

Dental Bonding

How does it work?

Bonding builds up areas of the tooth that will benefit cosmetically from additional tooth tissue. Using a moldable material called composite, we color-match the material to your surrounding dentition. Made of synthetic acrylic resin, the composite will be applied to your tooth in layers. After sculpting the layers into the desired shape or applying a flat layer to your tooth, we will set and polish the area for a beautiful smile enhancement.

What will bonding improve?

Bonding adds the illusion of tooth tissue to achieve the following improvements:

  • Fills gaps between teeth
  • Lengthens teeth that are too short
  • Repairs minor chips
  • Covers cracks and stains

Dental Contouring

How does it work?                                                                    

Think of contouring as the complement to bonding. Dental contouring gently removes a miniscule amount of enamel (your tooth’s outermost layer) to reshape your tooth or smooth problem areas. We will use a polishing instrument to carefully smooth away excessive or problematic tissue. Contouring is comfortable and will not require an anesthetic.

What will contouring improve?

Contouring allows you to buff away tissue or soften borders, resulting in the following improvements:

  • Softened rough, jagged tooth borders
  • The softening of sharp, pointed teeth
  • Reshaped teeth that appear awkward, too long, or too large
  • The gentle reduction of a tooth that overlaps another for a more consistent smile

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