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Straighten Up Your Smile with Invisalign Orthodontics

For years, people with uneven or misaligned teeth had only two options, to live with smiles they wish would function or look better, or to spend years in unsightly and often uncomfortable metal braces. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Now patients wishing for straighter smiles have a third option, and a wonderful alternative… Read more »

Smile Lighter and Brighter with Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you wish your smile shone just a bit brighter? Maybe you’re tired of trying to hide your smile when out with friends, all because of imperfections with your teeth. Lots of people are born with less-than-ideal smiles, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. If you want a brighter or better… Read more »

It’s Not Too Late to Lighten Up with Professional Whitening

Did you know that studies show that most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions in February? And while this is bad news for many waistlines, and cookie jars, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your goals! In fact, February is a great time to talk to your cosmetic dentist about achieving… Read more »

Let the Stars Go Home with Gold, Not Your Smile

Are you excited to host the greatest Oscars party ever? If so you may have already loaded up on silver and gold decorations to honor the stars and starlets that will soon be going home with those iconic metallic statuettes. But even if you’re a fan of gold décor and jewelry, that doesn’t mean you… Read more »

Could Porcelain Veneers Fix Your Cosmetic Concerns?

Are you tired of disliking the smile you see in the mirror? Tired of envying your friends – and complete strangers – because their teeth are brighter and more symmetrical? Are you distracted during movies, because you find yourself fixating on the stars’ flawless smiles? If so, you might be ready for a smile makeover…. Read more »

Enjoy the Sweet Life Again with a Dental Filling

Did you grow up enjoying a scoop of ice cream to celebrate your accomplishments? Many adults have fond memories associated with some of their favorite foods. Unfortunately, some lose the ability to enjoy those nostalgic treats without discomfort, due to dental problems like cavities. In fact, almost every adult will experience at least one cavity… Read more »

When Is Professional Teeth Whitening the Answer?

Most people become unsatisfied with the brightness of their teeth, at one point or another. Habits like drinking coffee and tea, and especially use of tobacco products, can hasten staining and discoloration, leading to teeth that look dingy and older than they actually are. And while there are many products on the shelves of drugstores,… Read more »

Get What You Really Want with Porcelain Veneers

If all you really want for Christmas, this year, is a better-looking smile, then porcelain veneers could be the only item you need to add to your wish list. Veneers provide a way to correct a number of cosmetic concerns, quickly, giving patients the kind of confidence that comes only from having a truly brilliant… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Smile Health and Periodontal Care

Most people think of beautiful teeth when they think of healthy smiles. But did you know that your gums are just as important to the look and health of your smile? Maintaining healthy gum tissue throughout life requires regular preventive care, a healthy diet, and prompt treatment if issues do arise. Unfortunately, a majority of… Read more »

Straighten Up Your Smile with Invisalign Orthodontics

Do you feel like you missed your chance for a beautiful smile because you didn’t have braces as a teen? Feel like you’re now stuck with the smile you have, even if it’s causing you to feel insecure? Well it’s time to think again! Thanks to modern technology you no longer have to choose between… Read more »