Dental Crowns


Your tooth is a strong structure that may become damaged even if you brush, floss, and practice exceptional preventive care.  An accidental impact to a tooth, decay, or the effects of TMJ disorder may lead to fractures, chips, or breakage. Its structure may also become compromised due to infection and subsequent root canal treatment. Fortunately, we offer beautiful dental crowns to protect your natural teeth, while ensuring your smile remains beautiful.

Dental Crowns

Your friends may refer to a crown as a “cap” because its hollow construction fits over your tooth. Crafted out of ceramic for a natural, lifelike finish, a dental crown restores your smile in the following ways:

  • Crowns offer protection, support, and coverage to teeth too damaged to remain in place on their own.
  • A crown restores your function, allowing you to chew and speak successfully.
  • Crowns restore the esthetic value of your teeth, safeguarding the beauty of your smile.
  • Crowns may protect previously infected teeth from recurrences of infection.
  • A crown may cover a tooth suffering from significant cosmetic damage that we cannot treat with other smile enhancement solutions.
  • A dental crown often completes (or tops) a dental implant and provides support for a dental bridge.
  • We offer E4D one-visit crowns for your convenience.

Dental Crown Questions

Will I need to wear a temporary crown?

No. We use E4D technology which offers exceptional convenience. In place of traditional impressions, E4D technology allows us to gather digital impressions of your mouth, which will upload into the system. Based on those impressions, the E4D machine will mill a dental crown out of a solid ceramic block while you wait. We will create and place the crown in one visit, so you will not need to wear a temporary crown or return for a fitting.

Will my crown look natural?

Yes. Unlike metal crowns, ceramic is a naturally translucent material that we can match to the shade of your surrounding dentition. Once placed over your natural tooth, the crown will blend beautifully with your smile.

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