When bacteria invade the surface of your tooth, the result may quickly progress into an infection that threatens the life of your tooth. Unfortunately, infection also poses a significant risk to surrounding teeth, which may become affected if the problem is neglected. We offer endodontics to protect teeth with severe tooth decay and to clear damage or infection from within your tooth. If you suffer from a sudden toothache, contact us immediately so we may uncover and treat the cause, while protecting your smile from damage.

About Endodontic Care

Endodontics is a field of dentistry that treats your dental pulp. Lining the interior portion of your teeth and your roots – or the lowermost portion of your teeth – the pulp provides your tooth with the nutrients it needs to survive. Once the pulp becomes damaged or infected, you need to seek treatment because your body will not regenerate the tissue or clear the infection on its own. Ignoring the problem may result in tooth loss.

We rely on laser dentistry, rather than traditional instruments, for endodontic care. By using a laser to carefully open your tooth and remove dental pulp, you may maintain a greater amount of your natural tooth structure as a result of the laser’s function and accuracy. In addition, a laser improves comfort, accelerates healing, and eliminates bacteria for successful healing.

Questions About Endodontics

What treatment do you offer?                                        

Root canal treatment will save your tooth in the case of severe tooth decay or an infection. Root canals include many steps to restore your tooth’s health, including:

  • The removal of your damaged or infected dental pulp
  • The sealing of your tooth with a substance called gutta percha to prevent further bacterial entry
  • A filling to restore the structure of your tooth
  • We may place a beautiful dental crown over your remaining tooth if it is no longer structurally sound

Are root canal treatments comfortable?

We begin this treatment by numbing the target tooth as well as your surrounding tissues, so you may expect a comfortable procedure. Your decayed or infected tooth will likely cause you discomfort. Endodontic care relieves you of uncomfortable sensations, so you may achieve improved daily comfort and the ability to successfully use your tooth.

Do I really need endodontic care?

Endodontics rescues your tooth from death, while protecting surrounding teeth from the potential spread of infection. Ignoring severe decay or infection may result in an abscessed tooth, or a tooth that requires extraction. Choosing root canal treatment will allow you to keep your tooth, so you may avoid the need for tooth removal and replacement.

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