Newman Smile Gallery 1

Patient had worn teeth and uneven gingival tissue.  Laser recontouring of gingival tissue and then 20 ceramic crowns were fabricated.


Newman Smile Gallery 2

Front  teeth were veneered to address wear and uneveness of smile


This patient needed a crown on a sensitive tooth and walked out the the final crown in under 2 hours!!


Patient was very concerned about the appearance of her front teeth due to chipping and discolored fillings.  These simple fillings were completed in under an hour!!!


Patient had heavy wear from acid reflux.  We whitened her teeth and had 10 ceramic crowns fabricated to correct wear and angulation of her teeth.The patient was very pleased with the results!


This patient had a fractured root under her existing bridge.  2 teeth were removed and 2 implants were placed.  The case was finished with a ceramic bridge on the implants and 3 individual crowns.


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