Gum Contouring


Patients often assume the esthetic problems they face with their smiles are the result of improper tooth size or consistency when their teeth are perfectly fine. The true concern may involve excessive or asymmetrical gum tissue growth, which can cause your teeth to appear too short or your smile to appear uneven. Gum contouring addresses a gummy grin, seemingly “squatty” teeth, and issues with symmetry for a more beautiful, consistent smile.

About Gum Contouring

What can I expect?

Similar to tooth contouring, which includes the gentle removal of tooth tissue where it causes an esthetic imperfection, we may enhance your smile by removing a small amount of your gum tissue for improvement. The surgical procedure will typically require one visit, during which we will numb your gum tissue and then resculpt your gumline with a soft tissue laser or manual instruments.

The benefits of gum contouring

With the strategic removal of portions of your gum tissue, we may be able to reveal a greater amount of each tooth to create the illusion of longer teeth, while less of your gum tissue shows when you smile. Targeting isolated areas of excessive tissue may also provide you with a more symmetrical smile, so teeth appear evenly developed.

Your candidacy

No two patients display the same smile, which is why we will first examine your teeth and gums and speak with you about your cosmetic goals. For gum tissue suffering from inflammation or infection, we will first suggest smile restoration to return your tissues to good health.

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