Your Kids’ Smiles Start with Great Dental Knowledge

This February Remeber to Care for Your Kids' TeethAre your kids excited about their upcoming Valentine’s Day parties at school? Maybe Cupid will pay them a special visit with candies and cards. But this February, your general dentist urges you to celebrate more than just one holiday. That’s because February is also Children’s Dental Health Month. Though dental hygiene is important every day of the year, this month provides an especially great opportunity to review the correct steps for preventive care with your kids, that way they can grow up loving their smiles!


Caring for Your Smile Effectively? What Your Dentist Wants You to Know

CouldYou Care for Your Smile More Effectively?Sure, you brush your teeth twice a day. Sometimes you even floss. But is there more you could be doing to care for your smile? Even people who maintain regular dental hygiene routines can sometimes be lax. If you want to ensure that you are taking excellent care of your oral health, then there are certain steps preventive dentists recommend for effectively protecting smiles. So brush up on your dental knowledge, that way you can ensure you’re taking great care of your one-and-only beautiful smile!


Could Porcelain Veneers Fix Your Cosmetic Concerns?

Can Veneers Fix Your Smile?Are you tired of disliking the smile you see in the mirror? Tired of envying your friends – and complete strangers – because their teeth are brighter and more symmetrical? Are you distracted during movies, because you find yourself fixating on the stars’ flawless smiles? If so, you might be ready for a smile makeover. More specifically, you might be interested in the many benefits of being fitted with porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers can fix a number of concerns quickly and efficiently, giving you the kind of dazzling smile you’ve been dreaming about. It just takes a trip to the cosmetic dentist!


Enjoy the Sweet Life Again with a Dental Filling

Back to Life with a Dental FillingDid you grow up enjoying a scoop of ice cream to celebrate your accomplishments? Many adults have fond memories associated with some of their favorite foods. Unfortunately, some lose the ability to enjoy those nostalgic treats without discomfort, due to dental problems like cavities. In fact, almost every adult will experience at least one cavity during his life. The good news, though, is that cavities are often very simple to address. In fact, a quick dental filling is usually all that is needed to bounce back from dental decay. So if you want to be able to feast on a cone filled with decadent ice cream, once again, and to experience the childlike joy that comes with it, it’s time to talk to your restorative dentist about how a dental filling could help. (more…)

When Is Professional Teeth Whitening the Answer?

When Is Whitening the AnswerMost people become unsatisfied with the brightness of their teeth, at one point or another. Habits like drinking coffee and tea, and especially use of tobacco products, can hasten staining and discoloration, leading to teeth that look dingy and older than they actually are. And while there are many products on the shelves of drugstores, all of which promise to whiten teeth, not many are designed to provide drastic results. Products like whitening toothpastes, for instance, may take extended use to make even slightly noticeable changes in the teeth’s coloring. Unfortunately, overuse of many otherwise safe products can eventually cause damage to your teeth’s enamel? So what is a person unsatisfied with her smile supposed to do? Professional teeth whitening, provided by a cosmetic dentist, is meant to provide dramatic results in very little time, safely and effectively. (more…)

Protect Your Smile By Overcoming Your Dental Fear

Can Dental Anxiety Be Treated with Therapy?Have you avoided the dentist for so long, you can’t remember your last visit? Or worse, you have terrible memories of it? Many people struggle with dental anxiety, which can lead to a lack of proper preventive care, that often results in dental problems like cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss. For years, though, the most common solution was sedation dentistry. But this too can make some people uneasy. Others have medical or personal reasons for avoiding sedatives, so what’s an anxious patient to do? Well, recent studies have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy can be an effective and natural way of combatting dental fear, so that patients can finally receive the oral care they need, to maintain lovely and healthy smiles throughout their lives.


Smile Brightly All Season with Smart Habits

Smile Healthy Holiday Party IdeasBetween Christmas selfies with your family, toasts on New Year’s Eve, and all the general merriment this time of year, you will certainly have lots of opportunities to showcase your smile. Make sure you keep it looking its best through a mix of smart dietary choices and good dental hygiene. It is all-too-easy to over indulge at holiday parties, or to skip out on brushing your teeth after a long day of travel, but resist the urge, so that you can continue smiling proudly throughout the new year. (more…)

Feel Better and Sleep Better with TMJ Therapy

Tired? TMJ Therapy Could HelpHave you been waking up with a headache? Do you feel tired or exhausted, even after your second cup of coffee? Is this making you irritable and restless? There are a number of warning signs that you could be suffering from TMJ, including frequent headaches and tiredness. Fortunately, there is hope. Your dentist could help address the causes of your TMJ so you can get a better night’s rest, and feel better during the day. So if you’re tired of suffering in silence, call your restorative dentist and ask about how TMJ therapy could get you back to feeling like yourself again. (more…)

Keep Smiling This Holiday Season with Great Preventive Care

Preventive Care for Healthy SmilesBetween trips to grandma’s and an unreasonable amount of time at the mall, the holiday season is one that can frequently derail even the most ardent of hygiene routines. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and it certainly shouldn’t, if you care about your oral health. So don’t let busy schedules filled with merriment bring the end of your good oral health. Instead make a little extra effort to take great care of your teeth this Christmas season, so you can start the New Year happy, and with a healthy smile! (more…)

Enjoy a Healthier, Prettier Smile Through A Tooth Filling

Cavity Treatment with Tooth-colored FillingsThe holidays are filled with a lot of wonder, as well as a great many sweet treats. But if all those decadent desserts have wreaked havoc on your smile, you may find yourself frowning, thanks to a cavity. While it’s nothing to be embarrassed by, in fact most people will experience a cavity at least once in their lives; it is something that needs to be promptly treated. Otherwise you are at risk of developing a painful tooth infection. So if you notice symptoms of a cavity, such as sensitivity or pain, dark lines in the crevice of a tooth, or white patches that can mean the layer beneath the enamel has become exposed, it’s time to consult your restorative dentist. A simple filling can likely help restore your smile’s health, especially if you call at the first sign of a cavity! (more…)