Summertime is a Perfect Season to Care for Your Smile

Family SummertimeSummer is a great season to spend time enjoying the great outdoors as a family. Chances are you have already taken your kids swimming, to local museums, and maybe even for picnics in the park. Whatever activities you’ve chosen to fill your days, you’re probably taking great care to protect your kids’ health. Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses, and avoiding peak sun hours are all great steps to protecting their skin. But what you have you done to protect their smiles? Summer is the perfect time to schedule a professional checkup and cleaning. (more…)

Enhance Your Smile with Dental Bonding and Contouring

Dental Bonding Thumbs UpThere’s no reason to settle for a smile you don’t love, when cosmetic dentistry provides many ways to enhance your natural beauty. Slight chips, cracks, jagged edges, deep stains and even gaps between the teeth can all be corrected with dental bonding and contouring. So if imperfections in your teeth have kept you from showing off your pearly whites, it’s time to talk with us about how these quick and affordable procedures could help get you smiling proudly again. Bonding and contouring are non-invasive ways to drastically improve your smile! (more…)

Porcelain Veneers 101

smileperfectIf you have been feeling unhappy with one – or several – aspects of your smile’s appearance, we have good news for you: You can enjoy a complete smile makeover with the use of porcelain veneers. Sound too good to be true? Fortunately, veneers actually do offer an exceptional variety of benefits that will dramatically improve the beauty of your smile. Even more exciting? This cosmetic treatment typically requires only two to three visits. If you’ve been looking for a way to transform the appearance of your teeth, we encourage you to learn more about veneers, so you may decide whether this option is well suited to your needs. Ready for more details? Read further:


I Want a Better Smile, But Without Traditional Braces

I Want a Better Smile, But Without Traditional BracesAre you unhappy with the look of your smile? Overlapping or misaligned teeth can be embarrassing, and in many cases can cause problems biting and even speaking. For years the standard orthodontic treatment was metal braces, which could be painful and were quite conspicuous. Invisalign has changed that, allowing adults and teens alike to enjoy the benefit of traditional braces without many of the discomforts or cosmetic concerns. If you’ve always wanted a straighter smile, but have been avoiding orthodontia, now’s a great time to reconsider and see how Invisalign can help you! (more…)

Take a Quiz on your Tooth Enamel

True or false HandTooth enamel may be touted as the second hardest substance on the planet, but are you aware that this makes your dental enamel the hardest thing in your body. With such an incredible title, you might think that your teeth are the superheroes of your body – darn near impenetrable. Unfortunately, damage to your tooth enamel is quite common, leading to what is known to most as cavities. If you are trying to avoid tooth decay and other dental issues, you may want to ask yourself with knowledge about the outer protection to your teeth that you were born with. (more…)

Brushing Teeth Tips for the Whole Family

Smiling Young FamilyIf anyone in your family has unhealthy teeth and gums, this can lead to a domino effect when it comes to their dental health future. There’s more to dental health than your smile, however. Other insidious health conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and strokes have been linked to oral bacteria through what is known as the oral-systemic condition. If you are concerned with bacterial infestations inside your mouth, it’s important to instill proactivity with your oral hygiene practices for yourself, and your younger loved ones. (more…)

Root Canal Treatments: No Need to Be Fearful

root canal treatments no need to be fearfulThere was a time when the words “You need a root canal treatment” would make even brave patients want to run from the chair. The time to be afraid of a root canal treatment has passed! Not only have tremendous strides been made with anesthetics, but we also have better tools and procedures to deal with an infected tooth. Since root canal treatments concern the inner portions of the tooth, they are sometimes referred to as “endodontic” treatments. Don’t let a false fear make you put off a consultation! (more…)

Keep Your Smile Fresh With Preventive Dentistry

Keep Your Smile Fresh With Preventive DentistryA common way that preventive dentistry is performed is by brushing your teeth, along with flossing daily. In addition, professional dental cleanings performed by your dentist will assist in the removal of food particles and bacteria that have gone overlooked. This will prevent the spread of bacteria, which, if allowed to settle along the enamel of your teeth, or gum line, can lead to infection and complications. If your teeth are properly taken care of, they are able to perform daily tasks with ease; however, if they are not, these simple tasks may become slightly more difficult. (more…)

Brighter Smile with Teeth Whitening

brighter smile with teeth whiteningWho would not want a brighter smile? Teeth stains cannot always be prevented with excellent oral hygiene. There are many factors that cause teeth to look dingy or discolored, although most stains can be erased with professional teeth whitening. Many over the counter whitening products promise amazing results, however they can become harmful with over usage and can cause permanent damage to your teeth. Professional teeth whitening offers a safe and effective solution that delivers whiter teeth and a brighter smile.    (more…)

Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings

advantages of tooth colored fillingsOver time, there may be a noticeable change in the appearance of your teeth. For example, you may have noticed they are not quite as white as when you were a child. This is because your teeth go through quite a bit throughout a lifetime, from foods and drinks consumed daily, to potential dental complications or repairs, such as a filling. There’s no need to worry; however, as these fillings are made to be similar to a real tooth. Because of this, your smile will appear whole and without damage or repair. (more…)