Fluoride and General Dentistry

fluoride and general dentistryIf you drink tap water, then you’re ingesting minimal amounts of fluoride, and it’s found in most major toothpaste and dental hygiene products today. In fact, you can even receive direct fluoride treatments at your dentist’s office if your teeth are at risk for tooth decay. Yet, do you know why fluoride is such a staple in general dentistry today? To explain, we examine the mineral’s popularity by exploring just how it interacts with your teeth to protect them from destructive tooth decay. (more…)

What Everyone Should Know About Cavities

what everyone should know about cavitiesThough you might easily recognize what a tooth cavity is, there’s a good chance that some of what you might think about cavities isn’t entirely true. For instance, many patients believe the condition is caused by too much sugar in their diets, and are therefore confused when they develop cavities despite refraining from it. Since they’re the most common chronic condition in the country, the truth about why cavities develop and how to effectively prevent them is something everyone should know. (more…)

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