Your teeth are naturally exceptionally strong. However, a variety of factors may lead to damage or disease that requires treatment and repair before you may return to the optimal oral health you once enjoyed. Even patients who practice excellent daily hygiene may occasionally suffer from concerns. Repairs are often required when tooth decay damages a portion of your tooth, when a physical trauma causes a fracture or a break, or when bacteria invade your tooth. Because most dental disease is progressive and because your tooth cannot heal on its own, we provide smile restoration services to return your tooth to full function and comfort.

Restoring Your Oral Health

Improving your oral health requires multi-faceted care. Your teeth allow you to chew and speak, and for successful daily use of your mouth, it must be in good working order. Your teeth also house blood vessels and nerves that require protection. Restorations improve your health and function by replacing missing tissue or covering and protecting your tooth. In addition to restoring the structural integrity of each tooth and its gum tissue, restorative dentistry treatments also target the underlying problem, such as decay or infection. This provides you with a clean slate for regaining healthy teeth and gums that you may maintain for many years to come. Explore our smile restoration treatments:

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