Teeth Whitening


Your smile may discolor over time as the result of the natural aging process, tobacco use, or the consumption of deeply pigmented foods and beverages. Losing the brilliant luster of the smile you once enjoyed in younger years may age your appearance, while negatively affecting your confidence. Fortunately, we provide professional teeth whitening options which will target and remove your discoloration, revealing the brighter smile you desire.

How Whitening Helps

Over time, your teeth may yellow or darken. Even with consistent daily brushing and flossing you may not see the improvement you want. Unfortunately, over-the-counter (OTC) products often fail to deliver because of their weak, universal formulations that may lead to over-use and irritation, without dramatic results. Professional teeth whitening formulas provide powerful stain lifting, while protecting your teeth from damage and sensitivity.

Our Teeth Whitening Systems

Our whitening options guide you toward a dramatically whiter, brighter smile with the use of bleaching gel and one of two systems:

  • In-Office Whitening: If you prefer to visit our office for accelerated, one-visit treatment, our team will protect your soft tissues while applying bleaching gel to your teeth. Your smile enhancement will be complete within approximately one hour.
  • At-Home Whitening: If you prefer to whiten your smile on your own schedule, we will send you home with custom-designed trays, bleaching gel, and instructions. You will apply gel into the trays and wear them once daily for one to two weeks to whiten your smile.

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