Tooth Extractions


Smile restorations can repair and treat a tooth to a great extent. However, when damage becomes too severe for treatments like fillings, crowns, and endodontics, removing the tooth from your mouth is often necessary. Neglecting a damaged or infected tooth creates a great risk of further damage and discomfort, as well as problems for remaining natural teeth. By removing a problematic tooth, we provide you with a solid foundation for recovering your oral health and lovely smile.

Tooth Extractions

An extraction is the surgical removal of your tooth from your mouth. We will refer you to a trusted oral surgeon, who will first numb your tooth and the affected area. Extraction includes the use of special instruments to loosen and then gently remove the tooth. We often suggest tooth removal in the case of failed root canal treatment, a tooth too infected for endodontics, or a severely broken tooth.

Important Details

Aftercare and Recovery

Recovery will require you to eat soft foods and to apply pressure to minor bleeding that should cease within a 24-hour period. You will need to rest and follow the provided instructions after your tooth removal to protect the clots that form. The clots are your body’s natural healing process, akin to scabbing, which will allow the open space to heal successfully. Dislodging the clot may result in a painful disorder called dry socket, which you can avoid by considering the following:

  • Avoid hard foods
  • Do not touch the clots with anything, including your fingers, tongue, utensils, or toothbrush
  • Avoid making a sucking motion with your mouth, which may disturb clot formation

Replacing your tooth

We offer beautiful dental prosthetics to replace your tooth or teeth, so you may enjoy a fully restored, healthy smile that looks as wonderful as it feels.

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