General Dentistry


General dentistry effectively addresses the concerns of your complete oral health. Our services cater to the needs of not only your teeth and gums but also the surrounding structures that support the function of your mouth, including your jaw joints, ligaments, and muscles. While many patients assume daily brushing and flossing will protect them from a decline in dental health, total care is a bit more complex. Your oral cavity and supportive structures make up a complex system that works as a single functioning unit. By offering services and advanced technology that address each part of the whole framework, we can protect and recover your daily ability to function in comfort.

Protecting Daily Comfort and Function

Safeguarding your smile from potential disorders – from tooth decay and gum disease to jaw discomfort – requires dedicated care. Symptoms that you cannot necessarily attribute to an underlying cause provide us with immediate red flags with which we may investigate potential problems, offer accurate diagnoses, and provide effective, safe treatment. We strive to promote clean smiles, detect the development of structural concerns like jaw discomfort, and offer treatments that protect the integrity of your teeth and gums by offering the following general dentistry services:

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